Recollections from Childhood, by Ion Creangă

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The story of a boy who did not want to become a priest; the masterpiece of Romania’s greatest storyteller. Recollections from Childhood (original title in Romanian, Amintiri din copilărie) is a highly entertaining recount of the author’s idyllic childhood, disrupted by his parents’ ambitions to have him enter priesthood.


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In Times of War, by Ion Luca Caragiale (original title in Romanian: În vreme de război)

Mr. Stavrache unexpectedly becomes the owner of a fabulous, but ill-gotten fortune in this psychological thriller written by Romania’s greatest playwright, Ion Luca Caragiale.

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Romanian Stories (Illustrated)

A collection of fifteen stories written by some of Romania’s best writers of the late 19th century, early 20th century period, translated by Lucy Byng, revised by Tiberian Press, illustrated by Francesca Ibba.

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In Wartime (The Comaneshteni Saga Book 3), by Duiliu Zamfirescu (original title in Romanian: În Război)

As Romania enters the conflict between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire to gain its independence, all the men of the Comaneshteanu family go to war. Mihai Comaneshteanu is forced to choose between two competing love interests.

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The Rentier (The Comaneshteni Saga Book 2), by Duiliu Zamfirescu (original title in Romanian: Tănase Scatiu)

Mihai Comaneshteanu, a refined young aristocrat, the scion of an ancient family with impeccable reputation, returns from abroad. Has the childhood romance between him and Tincutza Murguletz survived the years of separation? Will she keep her promise to him, or will she favor the attentions of nouveau riche Tanase Scatiu and his rougher brand of masculinity?

The author, Duiliu Zamfirescu, has been called “the Romanian Tolstoy.” The Comaneshteni Saga was Romanian literature’s first novel series, and one of the most beloved. It offers the readers a unique, authentic glimpse into the life of the peasants and aristocrats of 19th century Romania.

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Love in the Countryside (The Comaneshteni Saga Book 1), by Duiliu Zamfirescu (original title in Romanian: Viața la țară)

Love in the Countryside is a timeless classic, a hidden gem of Eastern European literature, a critically acclaimed masterpiece, and one of Romania’s most beloved literary accomplishments. Honest, observant, touching, charming, elegant, authentic.

The author, Duiliu Zamfirescu, has been called “the Romanian Tolstoy.” Love in the Countryside (original title, Viața la țară) immerses readers in the little-known world of 19th century Romania.

The young aristocrat Sasha Comaneshteanu has selflessly decided to forego marriage, dedicating her life to raising her younger, orphaned siblings. Her resolve is tested by the return from abroad of dashing Matei Damian, her childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, her younger brother’s romantic interest in Tincutza Murguletz is threatened by his impending move abroad and competition from a coarse upstart, Tanase Scatiu.

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The Lucky Mill, by Ioan Slavici (original title in Romanian: Moara cu noroc)

In the backwoods of Transylvania, the ambition of Lucky Mill’s new innkeeper runs headlong into the interests of the region’s most dangerous man. The fierce clash of wills threatens the fate of the inn, the innkeeper’s marriage, and the lives of innocents.

The Lucky Mill (original title in Romanian, Moara cu noroc) is a fascinating 19th century psychological thriller, and the most important work of the Romanian realist author Ioan Slavici.

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Crossing the Eastern Front: A Novel Based on the True Story of a Teenage SS Volunteer, by Alan Stroe

Kidnapped at gunpoint by a German unit from his village in the heart of Transylvania, a devout teenager is starving to death in a POW camp. The only way out is to join a Romanian Waffen-SS unit. As the Anglo-American and Soviet fronts grip Nazi Germany in an ever-tightening vise, the last months of war find him on the losing side, wearing its most hated uniform.

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Ivan Turbinca: The Russian Soldier Who Cheated Death Forever, by Ion Creangă (original title in Romanian: Ivan Turbincă)

A retired Russian soldier receives from God a gift that wreaks havoc in both Heaven and the underworld. A hilarious, 19th century short story by Romania’s greatest storyteller.

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Danilo Stackpole: The Fool Who Outwitted the Devil, by Ion Creangă (original title in Romanian: Dănilă Prepeleac)

After ruining his fortune in a hilarious display of poor judgment, a not very bright peasant decides to become a hermit. There’s one small problem with his plan: the place on which he chooses to found his monastery belongs to the underworld.

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Against Her Other Love: Fighting for Love in a Woman’s World (Against the Matriarchy Book 1), by Alan Stroe

On an island ruled by women, a lonely painter gets an unexpected chance at love, but a smooth-talking Casanova ruins it. His tough friend, the patriarchal Mario, attempts to coach him in matters of the heart. Mario soon realizes his own girlfriend is about to fall in love with the same Casanova.


Against All Odds: Fighting for Freedom in a Woman’s World (Against the Matriarchy Book 2), by Alan Stroe

On an island ruled by women, the freedom-loving Mario sets in motion a plan to overthrow the matriarchal government. The revolution he starts may cost him everything he cares about, including a life with the girl he loves.

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Against Her Gentle Sword: Fighting for Love and Freedom in a Woman’s World (Against the Matriarchy Book 3), by Alan Stroe

On an island ruled by women, young men must duel each other with stun swords to impress young ladies and attract romantic interest.

Dario, a boy yearning for freedom and equality, is selected to duel in front of the girl he loves. He has no desire to fight his friends, and little chance of winning. Will he refuse to duel, suffering punishment and humiliation? Or will he ruin his chances of winning her heart through an embarrassing defeat?

His problems get more complicated when a former ally hijacks his revolutionary plans, turning them into an evil power grab. Real, deadly fighting breaks out for the first time on the island.

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Nemesis, by Clara Kristiansen

Her name is Dahlia. Her beauty is enthralling. She is famous and controversial, and one of the fashion world’s most iconic supermodels. She is also half-blind. Only the world does not know it. Or do they? Enter Damian. Powerful and incredibly wealthy. Former romantic interest. Join them for a rendezvous where all is not what it seems, as the mystery of the missing eye is unraveled.