This is a list of classic Romanian literary works currently available from other publishers. If you are aware of other works that may be added to this list, please contact us.

Kyra Kyralina

Kyra Kyralina, by Panait Istrati

Translated from the Romanian by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno. KYRA KYRALINA, upon publication early in the nineteen twenties, immediately established its author as a leading writer in the Modernist pantheon. The first volume in a series of volumes indebted to Oriental modes of storytelling, such as found in The Thousand and One Nights, KYRA KYRALINA is a book of great charm and profound insight into the human condition.

For Two Thousand Years

For Two Thousand Years, by Mihail Sebastian

Available in English for the first time, Mihail Sebastian’s classic 1934 novel delves into the mind of a Jewish student in Romania during the fraught years preceding World War II.

The Accident

The Accident, by Mihail Sebastian

Outside of the English-speaking world, Sebastian’s reputation rests on his fiction. This publication of The Accident marks the first appearance of the author’s fiction in English. A love story set in the Bucharest art world of the 1930s and the Transylvanian mountains, it is a deeply romantic, enthralling tale of two people who meet by chance. Along snowy ski trails and among a mysterious family in a mountain cabin, Paul and Nora, united by an attraction that contains elements of repulsion, find the keys to their fate.

Adventures In Immediate Irreality

Adventures in Immediate Irreality, by Max Blecher

Often called “the Kafka of Romania,” Max Blecher died young but not before creating this incandescent novel. Adventures in Immediate Irreality, the masterwork of the Romanian writer Max Blecher, vividly paints the crises of “irreality” that plagued him in his youth: eerie and unsettling mirages wherein he would glimpse future events. In gliding chapters that move with a peculiar dream logic of their own, this memoiristic novel sketches the tremulous, frightening, and exhilarating awakenings of a young man.