Love in the Countryside, a novel by Duiliu Zamfirescu (Book 1 of The Comanestheni Saga)

FINAL - book 1

Ms. Sasha Comaneshteanu has selflessly decided to forego marriage, dedicating her life to raising her younger, orphaned siblings. Her resolve is tested by the return from abroad of dashing Mr. Matei Damian, her childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, her younger brother’s romantic interest in Ms. Tincutza Murguletz is threatened by his impending move abroad and competition from a coarse upstart, Tanase Scatiu.

The author, Duiliu Zamfirescu, has been called ‘the Romanian Tolstoy’. Love in the Countryside—one of the most loved and celebrated Romanian novels of all time—offers readers a unique, authentic glimpse into the life of peasants and aristocrats in 19th century Romania.


The Lucky Mill, a novel by Ioan Slavici [Original Title in Romanian: Moara cu Noroc]

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In the backwoods of Transylvania, the ambition of Lucky Mill’s new innkeeper runs headlong into the interests of the region’s most dangerous man. The fierce clash of wills threatens the fate of the inn, the innkeeper’s marriage, and the lives of innocents.

The Lucky Mill–a 19th century psychological thriller–is the most important work of the Romanian realist author Ioan Slavici.


Danilo Stackpole: The Fool Who Outwitted the Devil, a short story by Ion Creangă

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After ruining his fortune in a hilarious display of poor judgment, a not very bright peasant decides to become a hermit. There’s one small problem with his plan: the place on which he chooses to found his monastery belongs to the underworld.

A hilarious, 19th century short story by Romania’s greatest storyteller.

“Noted among samples of 19th century Romanian humor, “Dănilă Prepeleac” earned critical attention for its creative language, the defining traits of its main characters, and echoes of larger themes found throughout European folklore…” –Wikipedia


Nemesis, a story by Clara Kristiansen

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The world’s most desirable supermodel meets her billionaire friend and former romantic interest, the extraordinary Damien. Join them for a rendezvous where all is not what it seems and a terrible, dark secret is revealed.

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